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Growing up in the eighties, I was always fascinated with my parents’ turntables. When I say the video for RockIt when I was 5 years old my interest grew - those things could be played like instruments! As I grew up my musical taste evolved and expanded from hip hop and reggae to classic rock, jam bands, and electronic music. I started going to underground parties (some people called them raves) in my teens and was amazed by what my favorite DJ's, DJ Huggie and R.A.W. could do behind the decks. In 1999 I finally got my own set of turntables, and the first thing I did was start practicing scratching. Other DJ friends of mine who mostly played house music told me that I had to learn to match beats, and eventually I did. By 2001 I was able to start working my way through college by spinning records instead of working retail, and soon I added a weekly radio show on the local college station to the gigs I was playing a local clubs. In 2004 I decided it was time to return to my hometown, LA and see if I could make it in a "bigger pond." Since returning to Southern California I've had the opportunity to play records at a crazy variety of events, like dog fashion shows, yacht regattas, trapeze shows, retail stores and yoga classes, as well as more "normal" gigs like bars and clubs, weddings, and company parties. From 2008 through 2010 I had the fantastic opportunity to play downtempo sets each week in the lobby lounge at Shutters on the Beach, one of the most exclusive beach front hotels in Santa Monica. I also had the fantastic experience of sharing the stage with bands, and other DJ’s playing hip hop and house music in Hollywood and around LA. Now living in San Diego, I’m excited to explore my new home-town and keep people dancing.


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